Blue7 Solutions helps customers transform global operations, navigate the appropriate corporate course, and implement the correct strategic blueprint.

Manufacturing world-wide has changed dramatically – primarily due to globalization, the creation of global supply chains, technology advancements and the emergence of new, sophisticated markets. Today’s manufacturers need to reshape their strategies, collaborate with suppliers, distributors and customers and transform their organizations to create a sustainable future.

Blue7 Solutions offers a range of IT solutions and IT services, targeting to create a truly social, collaborative and global operational environment. This interactive approach brings you closer to partners, employees and customers. In collaboration with its parent, Blue Star Infotech, Blue7 Solutions brings into play a global pool of technology and industry expertise to help you find new ways of transforming your organization.

Using technologies such as Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Mobile Access, Analytics and the concept of an integrated knowledge enterprise, we have been helping leading companies in discrete, process, chemical, pharmaceutical and high-tech manufacturing industries to take their IT strategies from the board room to the server room, from the core (ERP packages) to the periphery (LOB apps, portals, mobile apps, analytics, dashboards, supply chain automation).