Technologies such as cloud computing, mobile access, social computing combined with changing customer dynamics, globalization, evolving workforce habits and competitive forces are creating new opportunities and transforming the environment in which software product and technology companies operate in today. As a consequence, software companies need to focus more on their core and evaluate new ways for managing all non-core parts of their business operations, including R&D, Quality Control, Technical Support and Client Services.

Blue7 Solutions has significant expertise in managing the entire product life cycle – from conceptualization to build to release to support to end of life. With an adept pool of software product engineers familiar with product management, engineering processes and distributed agile methodologies, Blue7 Solutions can rapidly set up complete product development, support and implementation teams.

We take away all your product expansion pains such as technical skills availability and flexibility of scale to handle product development spikes and multi-platform requirements. We also control spiralling R&D budgets by converting your capex to opex, by increasing productivity and by leveraging multi-shore delivery models. Through this process, we also provide you with round-the-clock support coverage and access to emerging markets. We focus on your product leaving you to focus on your business and customers.

We also transform your product in the process – whether it needs to be ported to new platforms, moved to the cloud or made available on mobile devices or if the UI needs to be modernized.