Today's traveler is always-connected and discerning. Consequently, social media networks, mobile applications, influencer sites, search engines and review sites have a major role in influencing travel shopping. This environment creates new opportunities and threats.

To sustain themselves in such a complex and competitive environment, companies have to be smarter and nimbler , companies need to be highly focused on ensuring maximum mileage for each dollar spent on, customer acquisition and retention, customer experience and loyalty, timely price optimization and product marketing across multiple channels. While creating differentiation and fueling growth, companies need to ensure they are not compromising on customer loyalty or value addition.

Blue7 Solutions is uniquely positioned to enable travel companies in traversing the current landscape and become more agile, adaptable, innovative and effective. Our expertise spans across the travel supply chain —from airlines, hotels, ground transportation, cruise providers, and online or retail booking to intermediaries, distributors, tour operators, travel agencies, vacation rentals and membership clubs.

Whether it is building an integrated, RIA-enabled, internationalized booking portal with optimized reservation paths or mobile-enabling websites, or building mobile apps for smartphones or connecting to diverse suppliers and GDS providers or constructing dynamic packaging or using analytical models for price optimization/revenue management/yield management or legacy migration, we have successfully delivered and transformed travel companies to stay ahead.