Our Approach

Our solution-driven execution approach, crafted around the client's outsourcing profile and needs, combines the efficiencies and accountability of a near shore/onshore presence with the scalability, flexibility and productivity of a global delivery network resulting in significant economic benefits, accelerated time-to-market and innovation. Our core focus is to ensure predictable delivery and implementation of software.

Our solution experts, complemented by process and technology experts, focus on designing a solution that is future focused and scalable to withstand the inevitable modifications caused by changes in the business environment.

By using Distributed Agile and Dual-Shore Development Models, we optimize the more significant development efforts to bring greater value early in the project and reduce the overall cost of ownership. Our approach focuses on making frequent releases of working software, thereby enabling all involved stakeholders to review and determine the progress themselves as it evolves, compared to reading from copious status reports which are already outdated by the time they are sent out. The result generates a greater trust and confidence in the relationship with very few surprises, particularly the last minute ones.

Such an approach allows change to be welcomed rather than feared. This allows the software to evolve with the business needs through innovative thinking that is triggered by actually viewing and using the software features as they are developed. There is a higher level of appreciation of the solution and therefore, better adoption. Software quality assurance processes and testing using Test-Driven Development during development and automation further reduces costs due to rework and project risk by detecting defects as early as possible. With software, prevention is much more cost effective than a cure.

We provide 10% higher development productivity which can lower the Total Cost of Ownership further. By using a combination of pre-built solution accelerators, frameworks and ready-to-use products, we bring down the overall go-live time.