In recent times, nothing has had a more pervasive and disruptive effect on how people communicate, work and socialize than the mobile device. Smartphones have fundamentally changed the rules of how everything is to be done. It is creating new opportunities for enterprises to energize their workforce, engage with their customers and suppliers, and create differentiators.

Go Mobile with Blue7 Solutions

We provide the technology and expertise that enables you to m-power your business and to maximize the impact of almost all enterprise processes – be it sales, marketing, operations, customer service, or vendor management. This will enable you to maximize productivity, profitability, growth and competitiveness.

We focus on leveraging all aspects of an enterprise and its business profile in coming up with relevant and innovative IT solutions. Our approach is based on understanding the complete ecosystem including the current business and IT landscape and creating meaningful impact.

We utilize accelerators and partnerships with mobile technology companies to deliver value to our clients.

Mobile Vacation Planner (MVP)

Mobile Vacation Planner (MVP) is an innovative next-gen mobile app platform that provides a wide range of experiental travel planning capabilities.


SmartRetreat is a revolutionary tablet based mobile app that acts as a "Self Service" mobile concierge solution for hotel guests.

Smart Travel

Smart Travel framework enables online travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, cruises and airlines to expand their geographical reach and increase revenues by cross selling and up selling additional services.

Blue7 brings a full array of Mobile Offerings: