Significant changes in the business, industry and customer ecosystems are driving a fundamental transformation within technology companies. In such a volatile and competitive business environment, continuous innovation, new market penetration and accelerated time-to-market solutions are key imperatives for ISVs.

To address this, technology organizations have to focus on remaining more customer-relevant and competitive. They need to engage with their R&D partners on a broader spectrum whereby they take on more responsibilities - requiring a shift from a traditional capacity-based model to a more partnering, collaborative and fully engaged approach. The vendor organization, in turn, has to be able to understand the product development nuances, technology sophistication, the underlying business processes and the workings of an enterprise in order to ensure a right-fit product. This is where Blue7 Solutions comes in.

Blue7’s Product Development offerings:

Complete ownership or collaborative agile development

Preventive, adaptive, corrective & perfective maintenance

End-to-end Manual, Agile, Independent, Cloud, Platform, Automation Testing

Converting your product for the cloud

Incorporating localization features for product launches in new markets

Product customization and implementation services

For continued maintenance of legacy, sunset products

Transforming into a more contemporary & sophisticated product

Transforming the user interface into a more modern style

Enhancing product by adding new mobility & analytics features

Blue7 is in a perfect position to be your extended engineering arm. With a rich pedigree of product development and technology experts well-versed in all aspects of product development, release management, product testing, product support, with proficiency in agile models, and with the ability to form globally distributed teams, Blue7 can provide a continuous release process. More importantly, it can also help you in targeting emerging markets and in localizing your products for these price-sensitive, high-demanding customers. We can set up labs which can either be your extended R&D team or your sales/marketing support team focusing on market-specific POCs for demos to prospective customers.